Vehicle Accident Investigation, Vehicle Crash Analysis, Vehicle Crash Reports by John Fraser Fleet Brisbane Queensland.

Crash Analysis

John Fraser Fleet and Driver Consultancy is a Fleet Risk Management and defensive driver training business in Brisbane which has been in operation for over 30 years.
It is this vast experience which makes John Fraser Fleet and Driver Consultancy your number one choice when it comes to accurate vehicle accident investigation and reporting. John can provide in depth investigation into any form of vehicle incident.

Analysis and profiling of Fleet Crash data.

Identification of Human/Vehicle and Road factors which combine to produce Company Crash types.

Liaison with Corporate Management in order to determine most suitable strategic and tactical approaches to managing fleet safety operations.

Vehicle Crash Reports and Second Opinions, Cause & Effect of Vehicle Crash, Expert Vehicle Crash Witness, Independent Third Party Opinions for Vehicle Crash.

Crash investigation and reporting to Management. Liaison with Corporate Legal authorities.

Remedial Driver Training for drivers who experience repeat damage incidents.

Off road specialised Defensive Driving Training programmes specifically targeting crash types identified in initial corporate accident analysis.

Design and delivery of safety publications – monthly newsletters, video productions.

Pre-employment “in vehicle” assessments and induction / training packages.


Vehicle Crash Reporting by John Fraser Fleet, Brisbane QLDVehicle Crash Analysis Written Reports by John Fraser Fleet, Brisbane Queensland


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