John Fraser Fleet - Driving School and Driving Consultancy in Brisbane, QLD offering Advanced Defensive Driver Training Courses, Defensive Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Training Courses / Programs, Heavy Vehicle Advanced Driver Training Courses, Corporate Fleet Driver Training Courses and Private Driving Lessons. Contact us today about our Queensland Transport Post Licence Driver Training Courses approved by the State & Federal Government.
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  John Fraser Fleet and Driver Consultancy is a Defensive Driver Management business located in Brisbane, which has been in operation for over 35 years. JFF caters for Corporate Fleet vehicle owners who operate all classes of light vehicles. John Fraser Fleet offers a number of Defensive Driver Training Courses and Programmes, including Advanced Defensive Driver Training Courses, Defensive Four Wheel Drive Training, Corporate Fleet Defensive Driving Courses.  


We offer high quality in depth Fleet Risk Management design
and delivery in the following services to Fleet Operators:-



Crash DataAnalysis and profiling of Fleet Crash data.

Court Referals Defensive Driving Courses to satisify Court Referrals

Identification of Human/Vehicle and Road factors which combine to produce Company Crash types.

Liaison with Corporate Management in order to determine most suitable strategic and tactical approaches to managing fleet safety operations.

recognized training “On road in vehicle" defensive driving training packages

Nationally AccreditedDefensive Driver Training for all vehicle types

JFF Defensive Driver Training, from the road to the Skid pan Click here for information on Vehicle Accident / Crash Investigation and Crash Analysis Reports Click here to find out more about Corporate Fleet Driver Training Courses, Defensive / Advanced Driver Training One Day Courses, Defensive 4WD Driver Training One Day Courses, and Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Courses Click here to read some John Fraser Fleet's Case Studies Click here to find out more about the John Fraser Fleet team of Queensland Driving Instructors & Trainers
Crash Investigation  

Crash investigation and reporting to Management. Liaison with Corporate Legal authorities.

Remedial Defensive Driver Training for drivers who experience repeat damage incidents.

Design and delivery of safety publications – monthly newsletters, video productions.

Off road specialized Defensive Driving programmes specifically targeting crash types identified in initial corporate accident analysis.

Pre- employment “in vehicle” assessments and defensive driving induction/training packages.



Advance Defensive Driver TrainingCrash Investigation


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